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At Reform Fitness, we're setting men and women across Hercules up for success with comprehensive fitness classes that are designed to meet the needs of any skill set. We are proud to help people all across our community stay active and see real results. We offer dedicated personal training AND a dynamic rotation of group classes that can help you get the most out of your body and feel great about yourself along the way.

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Our Expert Team

At Reform Fitness, we're not taking the one-size-fits-all approach. We offer a wide range of classes and an incredible team of instructors who can help you thrive in no time.


Our Core Values

We are committed to helping you find sustainable success and we're ready to prove it. From day one, we'll give you the chance to take on tailored training strategies and get the most out of every movement.


Our Mission

We are working hard to make high-level fitness training accessible to men and women of all backgrounds and skill sets. In our system, there's no such thing as being too inexperienced.


Our Promise

We pledge to provide you with a safe, supportive environment where you can challenge your body and feel great about yourself along the way. We maintain a facility that is free from egos and intimidation.


Personal Training

Our Personal Training program is setting you up for success with a focus on the goals that you care about most. We're proud to offer hands-on coaching and tailored training plans that are perfect for all abilities.

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Group Fitness

Our Group Fitness program includes an action-packed rotation of classes that can help you see real results and get the most out of every single session. From strength training to weight loss, we have something for everyone in our system.

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Our Zumba classes are providing men and women across Hercules with an action-packed training routine that can produce real results. This dance-based system is perfect for all ages and experience levels.

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Reform Fitness

Impacting Every Aspect Of Your Fitness Journey

Cardiovascular & Heart Health in Hercules - Reform Fitness

Cardiovascular & Heart Health

Our training is all about sustainable success and that starts with your ability to develop endurance one step at a time. We're helping you dig deep and stay motivated on the path to a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Resistance & Strength Training in Hercules - Reform Fitness

Resistance & Strength Training

We offer a wide range of classes that can help you take on lean, functional strength one step at a time. Our facility gives you access to free weights, strength machines, and everything you need to succeed.

Mobility & Flexibility in Hercules - Reform Fitness

Mobility & Flexibility

Whether you're hoping to compete at the highest levels or you're just taking on a healthier approach to life, we're here to improve the way you move and help you avoid the threat of painful joint and muscle breakdowns.

Nutrition & Weight Management in Hercules - Reform Fitness

Nutrition & Weight Management

Long-lasting success can't happen if you're not properly fueling your body between workouts. We're giving you the education and encouragement you need to take on sustainable nutrition strategies.

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