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  • Awesome location and dope vibe. Clean and plenty of equipment for cardio and lifting weights. Loving the new look, the group classes were great as well!

    Julian Temblador
  • Been a member for almost a year now. No complaints, nothing but positive words for this gym. It's not fancy, but it has everything I need to get my sweat on.

    Ismael Carrasco
  • Great staff, great environment!

    Mike Wilson
  • Amazing gym! Love the atmosphere and the staff.

    Kayla Russell
  • The staff, instructors and most of the members are nice, it's like one big family, the ambience is perfect!

    Darling Loudette Abaño Martinez
  • Attention Everyone, I want to take this opportunity to publicly announce my gratitude: MILLION THANKS TOM! First, for the spectacular transformation you helped me achieve through your Personal Training Program.

    Second, for your great professionalism, your help each moment with your knowledge of physical exercise, accepting my fitness goals, and for the exercise regime you customize for my needs. My strengths, under your guidance and supervision, have resulted in SPECTACULAR RESULTS! Thank You for Your Excellent Exercise Routines!!!!!



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